Real Estate Puerto Vallarta

Picture yourself arriving to Puerto Vallarta with no expectation of falling in love with anyone outside the immediate group that you’re traveling with. On the drive over to the Villa, you find yourself oddly intrigued by the notably more relaxed and care-free way of life. You notice several high-rise developments, but see that Puerto Vallarta is hardly littered by them. You’re intrigued by downtown Puerto Vallarta and old-town Puerto Vallarta having their roads constructed by cobblestones. You thought this was only possible generations ago? You didn’t know that strangers could smile at each other on the streets with so little hesitation and ego.

After the Villa sweeps you off your feet, you feel yourself in a different state of mind. One of relaxation of peace. Taken over by this feeling of adventure, you find yourself spending good portions of your days gallivanting throughout Puerto Vallarta and you find yourself engaged with Puerto Vallarta. You notice some condo developments around town. You’re also intrigued by some of the other beachfront villas. Who do you call?

Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty has been in business for close to 3 decades and has established itself as the most knowledgeable Real Estate Brokerage in Puerto Vallarta. It was actually the first Coldwell Banker Franchise in Mexico in 1998! There are now over 55 Franchises across Mexico. Talk about a flagship! CB La Costa, as some call it, was also the Master Broker under the Coldwell Banker Previews brand at state of the up-scale, master planned development Punta Mita Resort during its construction and development. This multi-billion dollar development owes many of its accomplishments to the local Coldwell Banker brokerage, who took their year on year sales and increased them by 300%! Several years ago, with the downturn in the economy coupled with the near completion of the development, the focus turned back to Puerto Vallarta. With the shift in focus, coupled with the recent up-tick in business, Coldwell Banker La Costa continues to be a Market Leader putting its over 100 years of combined experience in the local Real Estate Market on your side.

So you make a phone call, you set up a few showings. Nothing ventured, nothing gained- right? You walk through a few pretty nice places. You learn all about the Real Estate purchase process in Mexico with your knowledgeable realtor. And then when you least expect it- bam! You walk into the last showing you had set up for the day and there it is. This is it. Your new home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Your escape from reality. Your weekend getaway. Your investment property. Your adventurous side. See honey, I’m not boring!. All wrapped into one. Where do you sign? “Oh, you mean I have to make another trip to Puerto Vallarta in a few months to finalize?” Oh no! That’ll be tough! You wonder if Caleta is booked. You wonder if Happy Hour is even better a few months from now. And most importantly, you wonder what you’re going to call your new home.

Interesting how life happens sometimes, isn’t it?

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