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Casa Caleta Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Picture yourself opening the front door to one of the most sought-after Luxury Villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the world renowned tropical vacation destination, only to be blown away by the perfectly designed window to one of the most coveted beachfront ocean-views in all of Mexico. As you open the step down three steps the ocean-view window increases to full-frame through the entrance foyer area and living room through to the outdoor pool area in the distance. Upon opening the rustically finished glass door, you are swept by the impactful cross-ventilation experience created by the three coordinated doors and window openings directly through the middle of the main floor of the villa. This is what you imagined Puerto Vallarta to be like when you imagined traveling to Puerto Vallarta…

As you stroll into the foyer of the villa to take in the magnificent scene with your group of family and friends, you wonder at the perfectly ruffled waves and the white water created by the softly nestled rocks displaced out past one of the most perfect swimming beaches, and certainly the most picturesque, in all of Puerto Vallarta- Conchas Chinas Beach. You barely notice the luxurious foyer on your left, the spectacular luxury alabaster chandelier positioned at the top of the second floor roof of the villa, or the control room, bathroom and media room to your right. As you walk through the living room of the villa you’re still too caught up to observe the spectacular Chef’s kitchen out of the left corner of your eye. With the staff having spent the day preparing for your 3pm check-in after your day of travel, the glass sliding doors are already open for you and your group of family and friends to walk through as the mixologist attempts to track you down to offer you chilled towels and welcome Margaritas & Guacamole. However, you’re still too preoccupied with getting to what will be the heart of your view for your Puerto Vallarta villa vacation as you walk past the manicured garden and water fountain in the pool terrace. Palapas and lounge-chairs are waiting with rolled towels just in case anyone decides to impulsively jump into the crystal clear infinity edge pool overlooking Puerto Vallarta from the prestigious Lower Conchas Chinas location. Just as you begin to seriously consider it, the mixologist finally tracks you down to greet you with your welcome Margarita. You take a sip- and yes … they do taste even better in Mexico! All the worries that plagued you yesterday are so far away from you now that you’re on vacation in your beachfront Puerto Vallarta villa. You take another sip – these are really good, but maybe they just really do taste better while on vacation in Mexico? As you lick the salt off your lips you begin to feel the soothing trade winds just a few dozen feet away past the white sand beach down past the stone brick wall of your privately gated beachfront villa in Conchas Chinas. As though he were reading your mind, the warm local houseman greets you and asks if you would like to go down to feel the warm sand for yourself. You agree, tossing your shirt and shoes aside. A few other members of your group join – the others are experiencing real Guacamole near the secondary outdoor lounge table just outside the villas dining area entrance. You walk past the Spa gently pouring a waterfall into the pool as you begin to hear the calming Tropical Mexican music playing in the background mellowing your psyche. You follow Alonso, the houseman, down the steps to the private beachfront door past the beach level restroom and shower. As you finally step out onto the soothing Conchas Chinas beach, it finally begins to sink in- you’re here! In one of the most exclusive luxury beachfront vacation villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico- Casa Caleta.

As you look back up the genuine river-rock wall you’re taken aback by the magnitude of the picturesque villa. 10,000 square feet never looked so good! Why can’t you travel here every day? Tropical flowers and foliage overflow the window-planters outside the second floor Master Bedroom surrounding the outdoor balcony area. You see two more ocean-view suites with private balconies adjacent the master bedroom- they must have really good views of the calm city lights of Puerto Vallarta. The two garden suites, as you’ve seen in your research, are located behind these on the garden side of the villa on the first and second floors meshed in with the tropical Puerto Vallarta rainforest protecting the villa up the hill behind the parking courtyard. Atop this you see the third floor Presidential Suite fully equipped with the outdoor showers to the right (which you really can’t see)! Imagine what the view of Puerto Vallarta is like up there! The gardens are lush green, just as you’d expect in an up-kept luxury vacation villa rental in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and you’re still amazed by the magnitude of this view- as are your oo-ing and awe-ing group members, but you’re ready to get into the ocean. You’ve heard that Conchas Chinas Beach boasts some of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta as well as in all of Mexico- and you’re sure ready to experience them! You jump in with your pants on along with your loved ones and are already truly refreshed even though the week has barely even begun… Welcome to your luxury beachfront vacation villa rental in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


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